Ontology and Policy Management

Ontologies in Progress:

NASA-Hyres Ontology: HyresOntologies (hyperOWL and hyperONT).

NASA Brahms Ontology: BrahmsOntologies (hyperOWL and hyperONT).

Robot Ontologies

Legacy System Usecase (hyperOWL)

Kaa (KAoS Adjustable Autonomy) ontology

IMS ontology

Rapid COI Infospaces Creation and Deployment using KAoS and Cmaps

Raytheon Cogitive C3I Experiment

Java JAAS KAoS integration tutorial prepared by Gianluca Tonti.

Spatial Modeling and Reasoning page

Flexfeed Ontology page

TeamVIP project

Sensor ontogy:

Test Policies in OWL testPolicies.owl (hyperOWL and hyperONT),

Radio policy

Dynamic Information

Flexible Policy Project


KAoS Release