Ontology and Policy Management

KAoS is a collection of componentized software services based on Sun's Java Agent Services (JAS)

The KAoS policy services framework has been adapted to run on a variety of agent, robotic, Web services, Grid services, and traditional distributed computing platforms and across a variety of industrial, military, and space applications, shuch as:

    • IHMC's Nomads mobile agent environment,
    • DARPA CoABS Grid,
    • DARPA ALP/Ultra*Log Cougaar agent framework,
    • CORBA compatible object-oriented distributed environments,
    • Brahms agent environment enabling modeling of work practice,
    • TRIPS -Univ. of Rochester Interactive Planning and Speech Recognition System.

For more detail infromation see tutorials:

KPAT is a graphical interface to KAoS system, allowing, among the other, to examine existing and create new policies.

  • KPAT Java Web Start demonstration (needs Java Web Start installed; recommended version from the standard Java 1.6 installation). The demonstration shows the KAoS GUI working on the active policy management repository ruuning on IHMC server. The repository is shared between all the users starting KPAT from this page.