Ontology and Policy Management

DARPA sponsored CoSAR-TS project is used as a testbed for experiments with semantic services and inspiration for new technology development in this area:

Two tools integrating semantic services with the KAoS Services, especially its policy part, are currently under initial investigation and design:

I-K-C is a prototype tool in the initial stage of development enabling composition of Semantic Web Services into workflow taking into account policies constraining usage of these services and their composition. The tool is developed in collaboration with AIAI and integrates the I-X technology. At first, this tool is going to build a workflow from the client perspective taking into account only its policies, constraining usage of different services and their composition, when building the workflow.

Semantic Firewall is developed in collaboration with IT Innovation Centre of University of Southampton and SRI. The planned tool will take as an input a desired client workflow and starts negotiation with the policy services associated with semantic service provider intended to be used in the proposed workflow. In effect, the initial workflow can be modified and amended with the agreed policy contract. This contract will be then enforced by the system.

An Integration of these two complementary tools is envisioned for the next phase. The resulted combination can use I-K-C to produced initial workflow and then negotiated a policy contract and enforced it by the Semantic Firewall. Further development may combine these two tool even closer by interleaving workflow planning and policy negotiation phases.

KAoS is also proposed to be used in the currently being designed Trust Infrastructure for Semantic Web Services (restricted access).

Basic technology - OWL-S consisting of the following :

OWL-S 1.1; ontologies (hyperOWL)

Service.owl (hyperOWL), (hyperONT)

Profile.owl (hyperOWL), (hyperONT)
Process.owl (hyperOWL), (hyperONT)
Grounding.owl (hyperOWL), (hyperONT)
Expression.owl (hyperOWL), (hyperONT)
ObjectList.owl (hyperOWL), (hyperONT)
ProfileAdditionalParameters.owl (hyperOWL), (hyperONT)
ActorDefault.owl (hyperOWL), (hyperONT)
ProfileDeprecatedElements.owl (hyperOWL), (hyperONT)
time-entry.owl (hyperOWL), (hyperONT)
Resource.owl (hyperOWL), (hyperONT)

OWL-API from MIND LAB at University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies.